Jorge Leger


The results of The Predictive Index® Behavioral Assessment should always be reviewed by a trained PI analyst. The PI® Behavioral report provides you with a brief overview of the results of the behavioral assessment and prompts you to consider many aspects of the results not contained in the overview. If you have not yet attended The Predictive Index Management WorkshopTM, please consult someone who has attended in order to complete the report.

Strongest Behaviors

Jorge’s PI Pattern has a very narrow width, so his behaviors are moderate in their expression.

While moderate, Jorge will most strongly express the following behaviors:

  • Relatively formal, reserved, and skeptical of new people; requires some 'proof' to build trust in new people.
  • Attention to detail; follows through on tasks to ensure completion in general accordance with quality standards.
  • Operationally, as opposed to socially, focused. Thinks about what needs to be done, and how to do it well, and generally follows that execution plan.
  • Task-focused; he often notices and is driven to fix technical problems, cutting through any personal/emotional issues. In areas of interest, has aptitude to spot trends in data or figure out how complex systems work.
  • Relatively independent in thinking and action; often comfortable taking action without input from others. An analytical and private person.
  • Assertive drive to accomplish his personal goals by working around or through roadblocks. Communicates directly and to the point.


Jorge is an intense, results-oriented person, whose drive and sense of urgency are tempered and disciplined by his strong concern for the accuracy and quality of the details of any work for which he is responsible. His approach to any work he does will be based on thorough analysis and detailed knowledge of all pertinent facts.

Much more technically than socially-oriented, he has confidence in his technical/professional knowledge and ability to get things done correctly. With experience, he will develop a high level of expertise in his work and will be critical of mistakes made either by himself or anybody working under his supervision. He takes his work and responsibilities very seriously and expects others to do the same.

In relation to people, Jorge is reserved and private, with little interest in small talk. His interest and his energy will be focused primarily on his work, and, in general, he is more comfortable and open in the work environment than in purely social situations. His style of communication is factual and direct.

Jorge is a forceful individual with the drive to make decisions and initiate action. However, he is most effective when making decisions within his expertise, where he can predict and control the risks associated with the decisions. He will thoroughly analyze, and often avoid, discussions related to things he is less familiar with and, therefore, less able to predict and control the accompanying risks. When under pressure to make risk decisions quickly, he may delay or put off those decisions because of his strong need to find the "perfect" solution.

Management Style

As a manager of people or projects, Jorge will be:

  • Both broadly focused and tactically cognizant; his attention is split equally between goal attainment and quality assurance - getting it done - and making sure it is done absolutely right
  • Analytical, intense, and imaginative - a problem solver driven to perfection
  • Hesitant to delegate authority or details and when he does delegate his follow-up is close and critical; it is very difficult to meet his exacting standards
  • Slow to trust others until they have produced accurate, timely results consistently; even then he is cautious in delegation
  • Literal in interpreting deadlines; pushes his team hard to meet them
  • More focused on professional or technical results than on team building or collaboration
  • Private, reserved, and formal; offers his opinion only after he has mastered the information himself.

Selling Style

As a salesperson, Jorge will be:

  • Authoritative and assertive when representing products where he is an expert in product knowledge
  • Anxious to thoroughly understand any idea, product, or concept before bringing it before clients; heavily leveraging book knowledge and facts rather than thinking on his feet or 'winging it'
  • Better at selling technical or specialized products than intangibles; he's comfortable with and interested in technical information
  • Diagnostic in approach; he asks probing questions, ascertains the problem, and applies a solution proven to work
  • Vigilant about implementation details and how they will affect the sale; he will sell only what he knows he can deliver
  • Eager to discuss proven successes with his product as solid proof of reliability and integrity.

Management Strategies

To maximize his effectiveness, productivity, and job satisfaction, consider providing Jorge with the following:
  • Encouragement to express his own ideas and put them into action
  • Freedom from day-to-day pressure to make quick decisions outside his area of expertise
  • Absence of very close, critical oversight of his work
  • Opportunities to use his know-how and expertise in finding creative solutions to problems, with relative freedom from organizational involvement's in doing so.