Jorge Leger

About Me

Hi, I am Jorge Leger. I have a diverse business background and experience qualifies me as a Marketing Operations Expert. My knowledge includes working and consulting across marketing strategy, marketing operations, marketing automation, sales operations, content development, content marketing, content monetization, web development, design, sales and information technology as both an employee and consultant. I pride myself on being technical, strategic, and tactical.

I am well rounded.

I genuinely bring a well-rounded approach to any role within a marketing organization. I am continually working to keep myself challenged. One way I have accomplished this is by working in a variety of positions with diverse backgrounds. After graduating from City University of New York City College, I worked my way up in places, starting from non-client facing and later taking on positions that were utterly client facing. I have held positions with large companies such as Cox Enterprises and New York Magazine and have experienced significant amounts of success at each of these positions, as well as others. Small businesses and startups are two other sectors that I thrive in, as well.

Driving  efficiencies is one of my passions.

Those who have worked with me have quickly realized my ability to take a diverse approach to find the most efficient means to accomplish tasks. Being in a leadership position is one that I enjoy since I work well guiding others in directions needed in order to achieve a mission. I am not afraid to deliver honest feedback, even when my feedback may not be what a company would like to hear about themselves, but also have an action plan at hand to work towards achieving a desired outcome.

I am an innate problem solver.

My interest in technology can be seen through my problem solving approaches and has allowed me to take on roles at companies where I’ve been identified as the go-to person for any technology related issues or questions. I have the ability to troubleshoot issues and have self-taught many of the IT skills that I possess today.

I am passionate

My passion for my work shines through with each issue or project I encounter. I truly enjoy my work, and feel that my fulfillment shows as I perform each task with a level of patience, dedication and determination. My goal is to take any company that I work with to the next level, relying on your business goals and my wealth of knowledge to guide the way.

Finally, to put it simply: I care. I am patient, a people person and good listener. I pride myself in providing attentive, focused ideas and support to everyone I work with.